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Former Oregon City Mayor Doug Neeley endorses O'Donnell

Doug Neeley


Friday, October 16, 2020

Letter: Commissioner 'is committed to carefully evaluating any annex proposals being brought forth'


I support the reelection of Frank O'Donnell to Oregon City's Commission Position 3.

In my 16 years on the City Commission, the last four as mayor, I have never seen any commission member who has studied in more detail the action items before the commission.

O'Donnell is a fiscal conservative who as a private citizen was involved in an initiative that limited the amount that Oregon City's water rate could increase. He has taken action to pay off the debt of Oregon City's Urban Renewal District, eliminating the more than $500,000 interest that would have accrued under current rates.

There is always pressure to expand our urban growth boundary. This must be done in a responsible fashion that protects our natural resources and assures that new development includes park land.

Commissioner O'Donnell is committed to carefully evaluating any annex proposals being brought forth to the City Commission. The current updating of the Beavercreek plan currently before the commission protects quality upland and riparian areas and establishes a pathway connecting future parks.

It is not clear that O'Donnell's opposition, who is endorsed by the Home Builders Association, will support efforts like these. O'Donnell is receiving no financial support from any special interest group for his campaign, and we can rest assured that any decisions he makes will be in the best interest of the citizens of Oregon City.

Doug Neeley is a former city commissioner and mayor. Currently he's a member of Oregon City's Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Natural Resource Committee and Urban Renewal Commission.





Rocky Smith Supports Reelection of Frank O’Donnell to Oregon City Commission

Rocky Smith


Wednesday, October 21, 2020 


I wish to express my strong support for Frank O’Donnell in his campaign for reelection to the Oregon City Commission. Frank possesses an extensive background in business, engineering, and problem solving. His education and knowledge enable him to process highly technical information and make sound common sense decisions for our city.

Frank supported Economic Development programs that brought Covid-19 relief to our local business owners right here in Oregon City and has been a vigorous advocate for both citizens and business owners. When he believes local government has misapplied local rules or codes against homeowners or local businesses, he as never been reluctant in calling it out.

As Commission President, Frank created a welcoming atmosphere for all citizens to participate. In addition, he supports the effort to strengthen our existing neighborhood associations and rebuild the ones we have lost. 

As the Chair of the Urban Renewal Commission, Frank initiated and led the discussion of the vote to payoff over $500,000 in Urban Renewal debt.

Frank was instrumental in the City’s acquiring of the Fir Street property. This allowed for combining and centralizing Public Works and Parks Dept services and allowed for the continued discussion about what to do with the Water Board Park property.

Frank frequently steps up to help lead and even facilitate tough conversations, such as discussions regarding the decision to censure, investigate and ultimately take a no confidence vote of our Mayor.

Our four current city commissioners have a strong and diverse representation on the commission. During these uncertain and difficult times, we desperately need the continued leadership, stability, and proven performance that Frank O’Donnell brings to our current city commission.

Please join with me in voting to reelect Frank O’Donnell.

Rocky Smith Jr.



Amy Willhite: Join me in voting for Frank O'Donnell

Amy Willhite


Tuesday, October 20, 2020 


Chair of Gaffney Lane Neighborhood for past eight years supports reelection of Oregon City commissioner


Please join me in voting to reelect Frank O'Donnell to the Oregon City Commission Position No. 3.

Frank has worked hard to earn our trust during his recent term by proving he is willing to make the difficult choices that we, as the citizens of Oregon City, are asking for.

He is not afraid to speak up on our behalf and is adamant that our voices be heard. He is a strong proponent of government transparency, which is evident at city meetings. He has shown time and again that he thoroughly investigates the matter(s) at hand to make an informed decision.

Frank recently helped lead the charge in the commission to censure the current mayor and issue a vote of "no confidence."

As an active member of the Citizens Involvement Committee (chair 2014-19), and as chair of the Gaffney Lane Neighborhood for the past eight years, I have worked with many commissioners and can tell you that Frank is one of the good ones. He genuinely cares.

I urge you to please give him the chance to continue leading us in a positive direction. He deserves it! Frank O'Donnell is the right choice for City Commission Position No. 3.

Amy Willhite is a resident of Oregon City.





Denyse McGriff, Frank O'Donnell committed to community

Holly Swogger


Monday, October 19, 2020 


Holly Swogger: Incumbent Oregon City candidates may not share opinions, but are always respectful, knowledgeable


I know we are all busy trying to live normal lives in what are not normal times. Please take a moment to read this. Your City Commission has a lot to do with your quality of life in Oregon City.

For the first two years he served as a city commissioner, Frank O'Donnell wanted to quit after almost every meeting. He felt like that City Commission was not listening to the very people who have chosen to make their homes in Oregon City.

With your vote, the commission changed in 2018. Rocky Smith — born and raised in Oregon City — and Rachel Lyles Smith were elected. That was followed by Denyse McGriff, appointed to the commission after the resignation of a commissioner.

Oregon City now enjoys the best commission it has had in many years.

Rocky Smith and Denyse McGriff bring a love of the city and a knowledge of our history that only comes with their long-term residence. Denyse McGriff brings specialized knowledge in land use and planning, a key issue in the future growth of our city. Rachel Lyles Smith brings a knowledge of the public and private sector. Frank O'Donnell brings an educational background of business, civil engineering and law that is helpful in many decisions faced by your City Commission.

Though they may not share the same opinion, they are always respectful of each other and you — our neighbors. Together, they all share a commitment to community involvement and open government, and work together toward good decisions for our community.

Please do not "break up the set." Vote for Denyse McGriff and Frank O'Donnell and allow them to continue to look out for you and me, fairly represent both our business and family communities, and continue to serve the community they love.

Holly Swogger is an Oregon City resident.





Frank O'Donnell deserves second term on Oregon City Commission

Denyse McGriff


Monday, October 05, 2020


Denyse McGriff is an Oregon City commissioner running for election to her first full four-year term


This November Oregon City voters have two choices for Commission Position #3.

The incumbent, Frank O'Donnell, deserves a second term. I've had the pleasure of serving with Mr. O'Donnell on the City Commission for nearly two years.

My observations of Commissioner O'Donnell include: He works hard on behalf of the community; does his homework and is prepared at meetings; asks questions for clarity and works hard to make the city's processes and programs transparent. He is honest and a collaborative forward thinker. This is the type of person we need on our City Commission.

I am casting my vote for Frank O'Donnell for City Commission Position #3.





Reelect Frank O'Donnell to Oregon City Commission

Adam Marl


Monday, October 05, 2020


Adam Marl is the campaign manager for the Committee to Recall Dan Holladay from public office.

I first met Frank O'Donnell in June when I testified before the Oregon City Commission and asked the mayor to resign for his corrupt and unethical behavior. A few days later, my grandmother told me that her neighbor would like to speak with me.

That neighbor was Frank O'Donnell. As I was visiting my grandmother one day, I walked across the street and approached Frank's wife, who was tending to her garden. After she went inside to get him, Frank and I spoke for no less than an hour in his driveway, 6 feet apart, about family, local politics and of course the newly formed recall campaign that I had been asked to lead. He told me about how he and his wife, along with my grandmother and grandfather, were the first to build their homes in the neighborhood decades back. I could tell from our conversation that he truly cared about our city and its future. That's why I'm proud to endorse Frank O'Donnell for reelection to the Oregon City Commission.

Frank's ties to our community are deep and his passion for our city is evidenced by his long track record of community involvement. At a time of deep polarization, Commissioner O'Donnell brings a common-sense approach to the city commission that has benefited the people of our community. There's a reason why you can hardly drive a street in town without seeing one of his yard signs! He has long been an advocate for open and accountable government, which is why he led the motion to bring up a vote of no confidence in the mayor that later passed unanimously. Instead of falling for hollow platitudes, OC voters should retain the steady leadership that Frank has provided these last four years and will continue to provide during these turbulent times.

Just a few weeks back, my grandmother passed away. She always spoke glowingly of her neighbors across the street, and after getting to know them these last few months, I understand why. Frank is not a city commissioner because he wants attention or influence; he's volunteering his time because he loves our city and has a genuine desire to serve. Quite simply, he is the best choice for City Commissioner Position 3 because he is our neighbor. And once we recall the mayor on Nov. 10, the people of Oregon City can rest assured knowing that Frank will be there at City Hall working for us.

Adam Marl, a lifelong resident of Oregon City, is the campaign manager for the effort to recall Mayor Dan Holladay.





Frank O'Donnell deserves reelection as city commissioner

John Williams


Friday, October 02, 2020


Former Oregon City Mayor John Williams: Incumbent 'deserves a second term to continue his conscientious work on behalf of voters'

Oregon City Commission another four years. He deserves a second term to continue his conscientious work on behalf of voters.

He's a thinker, a doer and an honest man with the good of the city at heart. I've known him for more than 25 years. From saving our water rates to saving parks, he's my man and he should be yours!

Reelect Frank O'Donnell as Oregon City commissioner.




Support reelection of Oregon City's Frank O'Donnell

Lisa Novak


Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Lisa Novak, resident of the Park Place Neighborhood: 'We certainly do not need to change the great team we now have'

I proudly endorse Frank O'Donnell in his reelection as Oregon City commissioner, Position #3. I believe Frank will help Oregon City continue its strong growth and economic development. He recognizes the need for unity, true affordable housing and community involvement to promote relationships to get things done. I support moving forward with empowerment, information and involvement of and with all our citizens, and Frank has proven himself as current commissioner.

I do not support the notion of city debt and financial risks. Frank was most recently instrumental in saving the taxpayers $500,000 in Urban Renewal Commission interest payments. And that is just one recent accomplishment of Frank's on behalf of the citizens — there are more, such as standing up to special interest groups.

Frank has four years [of] prior experience as city commissioner and has mastered both the technical and people skills required for this position. To summarize Frank in his role as commissioner:

  • Proven leadership
  • Ethical
  • Honest
  • Fair
  • Truly listens to the citizens
  • Not backed by any special interest groups
  • Longtime resident, loves our city

I stand with Frank O'Donnell and the entire Oregon City Commission. During this critical time, we certainly do not need to change the great team we now have in the Commission. Please join me in supporting Frank in his reelection.

Lisa Novak is an Oregon City resident of the Park Place Neighborhood.