Frank O'Donnell for Oregon City Commission

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I'm a believer in plain talk - tell it as it is.  The last four years, I've stayed true to my guiding principle - to look out for the people of Oregon City who have chosen to make their homes here and to raise their families in this community.

It hasn't always been easy.  I have shared in your frustrations but we have also won many victories, large and small. Those of you who have called upon me to get between you and a government that has overstepped its bounds or not served you in the way it should know that I have come to your aid.

There's a difference between the people you elect, your local government and the city staff who you employ. All your elected officials live in Oregon City.  Very few of city staff live here.  This is my home, since 1994, where I chose to build my home, raise my family, coach in Oregon City Youth Sports and now serve as a volunteer in your city commission.

To do a good job and be responsible to the people who elected you is work.  It requires tons of reading, many, many meetings, both city and with citizens, going to city locations to see first-hand what is going on and always trying to make a decision using one consideration - What is fair and best for our people?

I'd like to continue to look out for you as I have.  If you feel I have done a good job at that, please vote for me in the coming election.  I listened to your voices before and I'll listen again.

Thank you!


Frank O'Donnell